Fairtrade Fortnight

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22nd February 2021

Help the Poor When You're Poor

Tearfund's Student Coordinator talks about how anyone can make a difference to world poverty: ethical shopping, fairtrade and individual actions are small steps that create big change.

Trading Fair

A film exploring what "Fair Trade" really means to the producers by interviewing Greg (who runs Creed, an ethical jewellery company), Dave (from Divine, a Fairtrade chocolate company) and Melanie Cave (from Just Trade, who make jewellery, clothing & accessories). The film was made at Greenbelt festival 09, by a group of young people who wanted to know more about Fairtrade, and share their findings with their peers. Produced with the support of TrueVan.

Fairtrade Vs Buy British

Should we buy British in order to support our local producers or trade fairly abroad in order to support the developing world? In this film, advocates for each points of view argue their case.