Holocaust Memorial Day

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27th January 2021

Haringey People: Joan

Joan was born in Belgium to Jewish parents in 1940, and was just 3 months old when the German Army invaded. She moved first to France and then escaped to Spain and was finally fostered by an American family at the age of 3 and lived in the USA until the age of 7 when she was reunited with her parents in England. Joan tells her story and talks about her achievements since.

This film was made by young offenders taking part in a film training course run by VividEcho and funded by The Big Lottery: Awards for All and Haringey Council.

This Is Our Story

Funmi and Vyvy take us on a journey to Auschwitz courtesy of the Lessons From Auschwitz project. Retracing the steps of those who lived, and died, in the Nazi concentration camp. This is the story of their journey...  Winner of the IPTV Award at The Jerusalem Awards 2010.

Holocaust Memorial Day

TrueTube asks the public what they think of Holocaust Memorial Day. Different opinions are shared on the Jewish Holocaust but comments are also made about other holocausts which have happened, and are still happening.


Irene interviews Holocaust survivor Martha Blend, who was rescued from the Nazis by the Kindertransport. She talks of her experiences before, during and after the Holocaust and shares her opinions on the social implications of hate.

Remembering The Holocaust Through Art

Young people discuss what they hope to learn about the Holocaust and the importance of remembering the past in our modern society, whilst Funmi talks to a Holocaust survivor called Moshe Galili who travelled in Europe, before eventually settling in London to study art.

Window To The Past

Eirini interviews Holocaust survivor Roman Halter. He shares his experiences and talks of his family and friends who were taken away from him during the Nazi regime. We also hear from the young people behind the cameras, who consider what they have learned from the interview.

Never Again?

Funmi interviews a Holocaust survivor who escaped to England just before World War Two began, but was put into Holloway Prison for being an 'enemy alien'. Sharing her experience, Ruth talks of how lucky she feels and whether or not lessons have been learned since.