International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

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17th October 2021

So You Think You're Poor?

TrueTube hits the streets asking the general public how much money they think they would need to last a week, and what essentials do they feel they could not live without. We then watch their reaction after learning how much half the world's population gets to live off.

Help the Poor When You're Poor

Tearfund's Student Coordinator talks about how anyone can make a difference to world poverty: ethical shopping, fairtrade and individual actions are small steps that create big change.

Planet Poor

Young activist Aled Fisher, for the Green Party, says you don't have to have green stuff to have a green life: young people can make a difference to the environment even on a budget. Get involved locally and those who are most affected by environmental problems can become the ones empowered to change them.

City Vs Countryside

One boy from the city and one boy from the countryside, two completely different lives. TrueTube follows both boys to find their opinions on where they've grown up, what they want to do with their lives and how their money should be spent.

I Am Homeless

A group of girls from Belfast investigate homelessness and are shocked at what they find. Made as part of the BoldVoices programme in partnership with BoldFace Productions and Community Foundation Northern Ireland.

The Bird Issue

The man behind The Big Issue discusses his time on the streets and why he does not believe in giving to beggars. He explains how he feels the problem of homelessness can be tackled, and how these ideas underline The Big Issue.

Should You Give?

What do the public feel about beggars? Should we give to them or not?

Then And Now

Joyce Kudia looks at Charles Booth's Map Descriptive of London Poverty in 1889-1891 and visits Brick Lane in the East End of London to see if the same class divisions still exist. This film was produced by Manifesta as part of their Breaking into the Museum project, with support from the Museum of London and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Paul's Story: How I Became Homeless

Paul tells the story of how he became homeless. He discusses the difference between how he used to see money, and how he sees it now.

Mick's Story

Mick ended up on the streets after a turbulent time in his life, when his wife died and he found himself in a heap of debt. In this film he explains how the perception of homelessness bothers him, and how he would like to turn his life around if he could.

Sofa Surfers

A homeless girl talks about how she splits her nights between friends' sofas and the streets. She describes her experience of living under a bridge in a park.

Crisis At Christmas

In this documentary we learn about a Christmas appeal run by the homelessness charity Crisis. The film features interviews with many people whose lives have been changed by the charity, with more information about their cause.

National Children's Home Real Stories

A film made by the National Children's Home, presenting the stories of 4 teenagers who have been homeless for various reasons.

Christmas In A Gutter

TrueTube takes to the streets to ask if Christmas makes people think more about those who live in poverty. The general public answer questions concerning how guilty they feel around the seasonal celebrations for the homeless, those less fortunate and the poor.

Poverty And Christianity

TrueTube visited Rev. Stephen Sichel of St. Matthew's Church in Brixton to ask him about the Christian perspective on poverty.

Dear Ana

This dramatisation tells the story of a Polish immigrant struggling to make ends meet in London. She writes a positive letter to her sister back home, but living and working alone in the capital is easier said than done...

Poor Black People

TrueTube takes to the streets to tackle the theory that Black and Asian people are poorer than White people. Do you think racism still exists? Do you think equality in the work place does exist?

Benefits Are An Aid, Not An Answer

A Benefit Agency Worker shares their opinion on benefits, benefit fraud and the benefit system as a whole. Addressing different situations they've found themselves in: claimants who lie to gain benefits and young claimers who don't know the system that well, they offer a deeper insight into benefits.

Five Go To India

The winning team of Linvoy Primus's 'Football and Faith' head over to India to see how their money is being spent. During their journey they experienced poverty on a level they didn't think possible, and talk of people in terrible conditions in comparison to England.

Danny's Story

Daniel Fagerson came out of university and started working with homeless people. After a number of years he stopped due to the emotional trauma he was experiencing. He shares the lessons he learnt from this work.

Becky In Calcutta

Becky's reflections on her volunteering experience in Calcutta.