International Day of Peace

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21st September 2021

War is Good for Some

The economist vs the psychiatrist on Peace and War. Viewpoints on the positive and negative aspects of wars.

Is Peace Possible?

People share their opinions on whether or not peace is possible in our current world and how we would go about achieving it.

A New Kind Of War

How does modern warfare differ from that of the First World War? This film examines how we view the armed forces and asks: has society lost respect for the men and women fighting for our country?

Young and Buddhist

Chris describes a type of Buddhism called Nichiren Daishonin, which teaches the power of chanting and meditation, rather than requiring followers to give up entirely on worldly pleasures.

I'd Do It For Peace

TrueTube takes to the streets and challenges the public: what would you fight for? How far would you go to achieve peace? Can war ever be justified? Would you break the law for something you believe in?

The Enlightenment Of The Buddha

Why do we get old, get ill and die? How can we escape from suffering? The story of how Prince Siddhartha Gautama left a life of luxury to embark on a search for the answers, and how he eventually became the Buddha – the Enlightened One.

Animation by Ceiren Bell

Buddhism Can Solve It All

Tibetan monk Geshi Tashi Tsering explains the basic principles of Buddhism and how it can be used to promote peace.

Alternative Spirituality And Peace

Psychic Nina Ashby explains her respect for faith and why she does not support religious doctrines. She explains her view of her talents, and how she uses them.

Planet War

A representative of "Friends of the Earth" shares details about the damage that war causes to the environment. Weapons and chemicals used in warfare destroy wildlife and habitats, and could end up affecting the environment's longterm recovery.

Peaceful Protests

A musical guide to civil disobedience, which takes us through the ages, looking at the actions of successful demonstrators through from Rosa Parks to Gandhi to the protesters of Tiananmen Square.