LGBT History Month

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1st February 2020

Just Me

“I’m just me... It's like coming up for air."

As Jaz and Charlie make a final attempt to keep their relationship alive, one of them comes out as non-binary (meaning they don’t identify as male or female), sparking a conversation that will change them both forever.

A film by Adam Tyler.

Advice for young people who are thinking about gender identity can be found at the following sites:




Gendered Intelligence


James has been outed at school before he could come out on his own terms, and he's afraid of what his parents will say when they discover he's got a boyfriend. With everything getting too much for him, James visits his youthworker to talk it all out, one-to-one.

A short coming-of-age drama by Toby Lloyd and Conor Deedigan.

Nominated for the Teen Award at the Children's BAFTAs 2019.


Katie is a nurse on a children's ward and a practising Christian in the Roman Catholic Church. She is also gay. She talks honestly and movingly about how she struggled to reconcile her faith with her feelings, and about the welcome she eventually found in the church community.

A film by Adam Tyler.

Winner of the Digital Video category at the Jerusalem Awards 2016 and nominated in the Learning - Secondary category of the BAFTA Children's Awards 2016


Young voices from the UK's streets on how easy it is to tell whether someone is straight or gay. Do all gay and lesbian people conform to stereotypes? Is it fair to judge someone's sexuality from what they look like, act or wear? Can you act gay and be straight?

An Untold Story

Robyn is a young filmmaker from a small town in Scotland. She is used to telling other people's stories, but has never put her own on camera. So in this film, she describes how she came to realise that she was gay, the initial shame she felt (and was made to feel) before proudly accepting herself for who she is.

The Trouble With Being Gay

A young Pakistani Muslim talks about the consequences of coming out at an early age. Always conscious of his differences, he describes being a victim of bullying at school. Admitting he was gay estranged him from his family and his community. He regrets having come out so soon.

Nature Vs Nurture

A psychologist discusses whether homosexuality is something you're born with or something that it is socially conditioned. He covers the idea of a "gay gene" and the history of homosexuality. The film also features interviews with members of the public regarding their views on the topic.

What Is Gay?

A short film dispelling any myths about the gay community by Out and About, a project of Youth Action. Made as part of the BoldVoices programme in partnership with BoldFace Productions and Community Foundation Northern Ireland.

Out of Love

Kezi and Jess talk honestly about the struggles they faced coming to terms with being both Christian and gay, when it seems to them that the Church has blown the issue of sexuality out of all proportion.

Gay & Married

Keeping up appearances: a South Asian Muslim talks about the trauma of realising he was gay in a community that rejected homosexuality. Coerced into marriage, he went on to have a child but the relationship eventually broke down. He now helps other young men come to terms with their sexuality and their faith.

My Two Mums

The daughter of a lesbian couple talks about what it's like growing up with two mothers. She says that having an LGBT family teaches you to be more open-minded. Although she is engaged to a man, she says she's open to the possibility that she could one day fall in love with a woman.

Coming Out Young: Finding My Way

The story of a young girl's realisation that she was a lesbian, and the way she broke the news to her family. She believes young people shouldn't be afraid to come out, and discusses the differences between older and younger generations' attitudes to homosexuality.

Gay Adoption Attitudes

Gay couples are legally allowed to adopt children in the UK, but it's a still an issue that provokes strong views in some people... and here they are.

Gay Marriage Matters

Should gay people have the right to get married? And what's the point of marriage anyway? Here's what the people out there are saying.