26th February 2021

Beauty Vs Intelligence?

A dramatised debate on whether beauty or intelligence has greater value, not only to individuals but to society. If you had to pick between them, which one would you choose and why? Does intelligence last longer than beauty and is beauty worthless if you don't have a brain?

Dumb Blokes

It's a common stereotype that blondes are dumb. This public experiment, however, proves that it's men who actually turn dumb when faced with a pretty blonde. Does being blonde make a difference to how men act around you? You be the judge!

Heritage Today

NOAM Jewish youth group talk about knowing your heritage from a alternative cultural perspective.

Holy Cribs: The Synagogue

Natasha welcomes TrueTube to the New London Synagogue for a tour of all its main features. Taking us from the door to the Ark to the women's gallery, she talks about her beliefs and what happens during a service at the synagogue.

A Day in the Life of a Jewish Rabbi

Meet Rabbi David. He kindly allowed TrueTube to follow him around with a camera to see what he does all day.