Refugee Week

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14th June 2021


If you were forced to leave your home and could only take one bag, what would you take? What would it feel like to be on the run from your own country, in the hope of finding a safe place somewhere else? In this short drama, we meet a young girl and her family in an unknown land and discover how they came to be there, far away from home.


A film by Adam Tyler.


Winner of Best Drama at the BAFTA Children's Awards 2016, winner of the General Education Non-Broadcast category at the Learning On Screen Awards 2017, winner of the Children's category at the Sandford St Martin Awards 2017, and winner of Best Scripted Online Short at the Broadcast Digital Awards 2017.



God is in the Boat

The island of Lesvos in Greece, 2016: refugees fleeing war and hardship are arriving in their thousands. In this film, we hear from some of the refugees, and from the volunteers who feel it is their humanitarian duty to help them. One - a pastor from Texas - says, "When something like this happens people say, well where is God? The answer is, well God is with the refugees; God is in the boat with those people."

A film by Bailey Tom Bailey and Hendrik Faller.

Dear Ana

This dramatisation tells the story of a Polish immigrant struggling to make ends meet in London. She writes a positive letter to her sister back home, but living and working alone in the capital is easier said than done...

Fighting to Vote

Afghan refugee Ahmad has strong opinions on voting and democracy. He compares our freedoms to the suppression of the people in his home country where people die for the liberties we take for granted.

Fighting Suppression

Wai Hnin is an asylum seeker from Burma, who fled to England for the chance to study freely. Her father is a political prisoner in Burma, because of this she is constantly under threat in her homeland.

Fortress Europe

Are Europe's immigration laws being pushed too far? Asian Dub Foundation's Chandrasonic (a.k.a. Steve Savale) shares his opinions on the matter.