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20th July 2020

Dream Holiday

What's your dream holiday? TrueTube looks into where members of the public would go to relax abroad.

Eco Holidays Vs Package Holidays

Would you holiday in the UK to help the environment? TrueTube investigates how eco friendly we truly are.

Good Tourist Bad Tourist

Rachel Noble from Tourism Concern discusses her fears regarding the effects of tourism on different cultures. From tribes in Thailand to India, she questions whether the tourist industry is developmental or destructive in its relationship with developing countries.

Back To Blackpool

What does the recession mean for ethical travel and tourism? We ask people at the Ethical Trade Fair.

Future Holidays

An animation looking at the possible future of holidays, exploring the ideas of space and time travel.

Crazy Holidays

We ask people on the streets what sort of extreme holidays they would and wouldn't do, including nudist beaches, disaster buses and going into space.