Sexual Health Week

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14th September 2020


A comedy drama for SRE (or RSE) lessons about Ryan and Natalie - two young people struggling through their first sexual encounter, and having to deal with each other's expectations, a shiny trumpet and way too many cats. It's ideal for opening up discussion about consent, peer pressure and the internet's influence on relationships.

A film by Adam Tyler.


Adam Tyler (who wrote and directed the film) won the Writer category of the BAFTA Children's Awards 2017.

Alhaji Fofana (Ryan) won the Performer category at the BAFTA Children's Awards 2017

Savannah Baker (Natalie) was also nominated in the Performer category.

Winner of the Educational Film Award at the Learning on Screen Awards 2018

Winner of the Children's Award at the Sandford St Martin Trust Awards 2018


Awkward... those moments when you don't know what to do or what to say. The subjects we're taught at school - like Maths and English - help us to deal with a lot of situations, but when it comes to sex and relationships, we're often left without the answers.

Testing Times

A short drama about a couple who don't think they need to get tested for HIV, but don't actually know all of each other's secrets quite as well as they assume they do.

Inside a GUM Clinic

The camera follows a young girl on a trip to the GUM Clinic, to find out what it is really like, what sort of questions they ask, how the tests are conducted and how results are delivered.

The Secret Lives Of STIs

A Sexual Health expert lists the top five STIs in the UK at the moment, and exposes how dangerously secretive they can be.

French Letters, British Lovers

David Machin condemns the media's irresponsible attitude towards sex, and its implications. He argues that it is important to empower young people to make healthy choices by changing the way sex is publicised. The current portrayal is going to perpetuate the increasing rise in HIV and AIDS in the UK.

My Boyfriend Gave Me Herpes

A young woman with herpes talks about how she caught the infection from her boyfriend and how his lack of understanding affected their relationship and her confidence.

STI Trivia

Random members of the public are quizzed on their knowledge and understanding of the UK's most common sexually transmitted infections, with remarkably few knowing much about them.

The Unsuspected Killer

Paul Archer, a specialist nurse, discusses how HIV is perceived, tested and medicated.

More And More

An investigation into the worryingly high rise in HIV in UK teens over the last few years.

Positive Is Negative

Do young people feel that Sex Ed is well taught in schools at the moment? In these interviews with random teenagers, they suggest that topics such as STIs are not given enough attention in our schools today.