World Cancer Day

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4th February 2021

Diary Of A Macmillan Nurse

The video diary of Heather Wright, a Macmillan nurse sharing her experiences and her day to day life.

Designer Babies: The Mother

Elaine inherited a genetic fault which increases her chances of getting breast cancer, and she has passed it on to one of her daughters. Having suffered treatment for cancer she now wishes that genetic screening had been available for the sake of future generations.

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Skin Damage

Skin treatments designed to make us lighter can be just as dangerous as those intended to make us darker. In this film, skin experts give advice on how to keep skin healthy and avoid longer term, potentially fatal, damage to skin.


Joe returns to school after his mother's funeral, and has to cope with his bereavement surrounded by friends who don't understand what he's going through, and teachers who are unsure how to help him.

A film by Emily May Smith.

With thanks to Portsmouth Grammar School.

If someone close to you has died, or if a friend is trying to cope with the death of someone they knew, you can find support and guidance at Child Bereavement UK.  

Loss Without Warning

Ella lost her father to a rare blood disease, after he had got over cancer only a few months before. With great strength, she talks about the experience of losing her dad and how she has coped since.

Good Grief

Michael's mum died of cancer when he was in his late teens. He talks about how scared he was watching his mum fail to respond to the medication and treatment. He discusses how he got through the last few months of her life, and how he dealt with his grief once she had passed away.