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Films & Assembly Scripts (58 Items)

What's Your Phobia?

Members of the public talk about their various phobias, rational and irrational, and how they are affected by them.

My Mum

What does your mum do for you? Whether you're young or old, mums play a huge part in our lives - so here are just a few tributes from members of the public.

Life Is A Journey

How many new beginnings have you been through? Here is an animated introduction to 'Rites of Passage', thinking about life as a journey and the things that happen along the way.

Living Debt

Louisa got into debt during her first term at university and hasn't been out of it since. In this interview she talks about how living in debt affects her day-to-day life.

What Is Sacrifice?

What is most precious to you? What would you be willing to sacrifice? What have you sacrificed? Members of the public share their stories.

I'd Do It For Peace

TrueTube takes to the streets and challenges the public: what would you fight for? How far would you go to achieve peace? Can war ever be justified? Would you break the law for something you believe in?

Doom And Gloom Of The New Year

Vox pops about why January and February are considered the bleakest months of the year, and what people can do to cheer themselves up during the winter months.

Going All Out

Rajbir Dhillon tells us how far her family will go to save the planet - it's not just about recycling.

Multicultural London

Members of a youth club in London discuss the challenges and advantages of living in a culturally diverse city.


A film about Hanukkah which shows how Jewish families celebrate the festival together and the symbolism behind it.

HIV's Here

Shocking facts and figures about the rise of HIV in Britain.