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Cleaner Medina

The Cleaner Medina project is a clean-up initiative run by the Muslim Community in Birmingham. We hear their views and opinions as to why a cleaner community is a healthier community, the lack of attention from the council...

Akala on Black History Month

Akala - rapper, poet and journalist - shares his views on Black History Month and the general attitude towards Black History.

Positive Party

Club promoter, Simon, who is HIV positive, tells of his life before he contracted HIV and how it has subsequently changed as a result of discovering his was HIV positive.

Sport Relief - Raymond's Story

In Africa, 1 in 4 children have to work for a living, often in dangerous conditions. Greg James introduces this film about Raymond, a 14 year-old boy who lives in Ghana. Raymond has to work long days in a mine to support...

Free Speech Vs Censorship

Should song lyrics be censored… or should we all have the freedom to express? Hear what members of the public and music artists think about this.

War is Good for Some

The economist vs the psychiatrist on Peace and War. Viewpoints on the positive and negative aspects of wars.

In Their Shoes: James

Have you signed the Organ Donation Register? James was born without fully-formed kidneys and eventually received a transplant. He and his parents talk about the difference it made to his life - eventually enabling him to compete...

Making Waves

Whilst fundraising for the 2004 Asian tsunami victims, 17 year old Rhiannon Stuart travelled to Sri Lanka on behalf of CAFOD (Catholic Agency For Overseas Development) to see how the money is being spent, and how CAFOD is...

The Gospel of Luke - The Last Supper

In the first of three dramatised extracts from Luke's Gospel that tell the Easter story, we see the events leading up to Jesus' arrest - from his triumphal entry into Jerusalem to the Last Supper (Luke 19:36-48; 20:19-26;...


Maria is a little girl who likes singing, dancing and playing outdoors. She is perfect the way she is, so why cut her? This short film describes what Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is, and why it is wrong.


I Have the Ability

Daryl tells the story of his upbringing and the people he went to school with. He argues that he has abilities and ambitions despite his underprivileged background and education. He believes that if he puts his mind to...

Playing Dames

Dame Kelly Holmes visits school children to show ways of spicing up PE classes for girls. Along with experts, she discusses why girls give up sport after school and how it is possible to raise understanding of the...