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The Gospel of Luke - The Crucifixion

In the second of three dramatised extracts from Luke's Gospel that tell the Easter story, we see Jesus' trials and his crucifixion at Golgotha - the Place of the Skull (Luke 22: 54 to 23:49).

Courtesy of The Lumo...

Face to Face

Restorative Justice is a process in which someone who has committed a crime meets their victim to help both people come to terms with what has happened. So what would you say if you came face to face with...


'I was a flop but now I'm top'. Naomi, Hakeem and Amanuel speak about how their volunteering experience at Exposure has benefited them and their community. Get involved with art, music and filming. Made as part of the...

Wendy's New Life

Wendy spent her childhood in care before she was sent to prison while pregnant and then made homeless. Since then she has managed to turn her life around, and set up a youth forum for young people to...

The Sucata Run

The Sucata Run. Four young men on a car rally from London to Portugal show us how to have fun while raising money and promoting a charity

JML Tribute

This film, made by members of the Heath Town Estate, is a tribute to JML, a member of the local community who passed away. It includes memories from those who knew him, and an original song. This film...

TrueTube News: Nation Of Idiots

Can you answer questions from a SATS test? TrueTube News asks members of the public 5 questions from the SATS tests to see if they can still answer them.

How To Shoot DV

An instructional film on the best practices of shooting DV.

Rape: Human Nature

Is rape instinctive to humans? To what extent can we blame rape on our genetic make-up, or our general human nature? Is it about a need for power or control, or is it a product of evolution that...

Life After Life

This animated film takes a light-hearted look at the history of how death is perceived, and how different cultures view the end of our life on earth today; is it an end or is it a beginning?

Let's Be Positive

Angela from Let's Be Positive, a London Based youth group, talks about the power of positive music. Making music to unite and not divide.

Youth And Politics

Why should we care about politics? Young people at Greenbelt air their views on what politics means to them. David Lammy MP and Andy Flannagan comment about why it is important for young people to engage with politics, and...