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The Gospel of Luke - The Last Supper

In the first of three dramatised extracts from Luke's Gospel that tell the Easter story, we see the events leading up to Jesus' arrest - from his triumphal entry into Jerusalem to the Last Supper (Luke 19:36-48; 20:19-26;...

Out of Love

Kezi and Jess talk honestly about the struggles they faced coming to terms with being both Christian and gay, when it seems to them that the Church has blown the issue of sexuality out of all proportion.

A Rubbish Law

Fed up with dirty streets and rubbish all over the place? This animated film was made by Kerri from Solihull who won the Secondary category of the "Lights, Camera, Parliament!" competition in 2014. The Parliament Education Service asked...

Do ASBOs Work?

Neil Wain from the Manchester Police argues that ASBOs are not an effective and socially beneficial means of dealing with young people involved in anti-social behaviour, while Ian Brady from Youth Task Force argues that ASBOs do their...

Alcohol And Rape

A barman talks about his experiences of girls getting too drunk and being taken advantage of. He argues that it is never right for any body, no matter what state the victim may be in, to touch them...

MTV: Hear Me Europe

MTV Germany presenter Hadnet Tesfai shares her love for Europe and tries to motivate people to vote.

The EU Club

The ins and outs of the European Union, how its membership works and how the rules are set. Is it only going to get bigger and bigger?

Be Your Own Boss

Adam set up his own business at 17. Now aged 21 he runs a number of successful companies. Here he gives advice to Natalie, who has completed a law degree and has decided to start her own business....

Jamie's Youth Budget

The Citizenship Foundation's annual "Chance to be Chancellor" competition invites young people to present their own budget in a short video. The winner in 2013 was James Read-Tannock from Nottingham, and this is his film. What do you think Mr Osbourne?

Religion Shapes Politics

Iain Duncan Smith, Minister and Conservative MP for Chingford and Woodford Green, and Oliur Rahman who was a Respect councillor for Tower Hamlets, talk about how their religion has shaped their political views.


Young, American and living in the UK: how has Melissa adapted to her new life? She compares the cultural differences on either side of the Atlantic.

Can America Save Us?

Filmed shortly after Barack Obama became President of the USA, Green activists share their opinions on America's environmental policies and their hopes for change under Obama's administration. Jock Wittlesey of the US Embassy provides the facts, and compares Obama's...