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Face to Face

Restorative Justice is a process in which someone who has committed a crime meets their victim to help both people come to terms with what has happened. So what would you say if you came face to face with...

Rape: Human Nature

Is rape instinctive to humans? To what extent can we blame rape on our genetic make-up, or our general human nature? Is it about a need for power or control, or is it a product of evolution that...

Juliet's Story

From child soldier to global campaigner. This is Juliet's story.

Film courtesy of  War Child.

Sterilise The Poor

What's the best solution to the benefits crisis? A Councillor called John Ward once suggested on his blog that "breed for greed" mothers on benefits should be sterilised. This film shows a range of reactions to his controversial...

Negative Lyrics

Do lyrics influence the young? TrueTube takes to the street and asks: do negative lyrics incite violence?

Crime & Punishment

From petty crime to rape and murder, what do Brits consider to be the worst of all crimes? And what about a punishment to fit the crime? When can rehabilitation or community service be justified over a ...

Robot Love

Dr David Levy thinks that human-robot relationships and even marriage are part of our future. But what do young people think? Vox pops on whether we can see ourselves dating robots.

Save Us, Save Money

Hippy Holly Kate, tells us how her environmentally friendly attitude saves the world and saves her money in the process.

Are You British?

Young people in London tell us where they and their families are from.

Disappearing Women At Work

What are the obstacles in the way of women who want equal pay and equal working rights? The experts discuss how women can get ahead in business.

Funding Slavery

Harry Shapiro from Drugscope exposes the global affects of the drug trade. The impacts that the illegal drugs industry has on enslaved individuals around the globe is shocking.

Getting Out There

Sanga is a blind man who was born in a small remote Chinese town. He attributes his extensive world travel, and qualification as a physiotherapist, to the fact that he is blind. He provides an inspiring view on...