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Jobs & Money Topics

Jobs & Money Films (182 Items)

Debting It Up

Young people talk about what debt means to them and whether it's a worry, or just something they feel is part of today's world.

Money: Alien Idea

An animated alien gives a news report about a strange little planet called 'Earth', and its crazy attitude towards a thing called 'money'.

Living Debt

Louisa got into debt during her first term at university and hasn't been out of it since. In this interview she talks about how living in debt affects her day-to-day life.

Credit Crunch

Interviews with members of the public regarding how the credit crunch has affected them.

Paul's Story: How I Became Homeless

Paul tells the story of how he became homeless. He discusses the difference between how he used to see money, and how he sees it now.

Two Sides Of A Budget

Two people, both of whom live on budgets but for different reasons, discuss their attitudes towards money.

Spend, Save, Or Invest

An animation looking at how we choose to spend our hard-earned cash.

Christmas In A Gutter

TrueTube takes to the streets to ask if Christmas makes people think more about those who live in poverty. The general public answer questions concerning how guilty they feel around the seasonal celebrations for the homeless, those less...

Down But Not Out

The story of a young girl's experience of domestic violence and how it went on to affect her life. She talks positively of her new career path and new relationship despite her previous circumstances.

The Olympics Are Coming

This short film, made by Team Five Star Films, asks the public whether they feel the Olympics will be good or bad for London overall.

Money Makes The World Go Round

Jade finds herself under financial pressure and has to make a choice about how she will survive. The filmmakers wanted to make an eye-opening film about the choices that young people are faced with today. Choices was made...

Newham Young Stars

Newham Young Stars ask what the Olympics in 2012 will bring to London, and what the living legacy will be.