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Jobs & Money Films (109 Items)

Debting It Up

Young people talk about what debt means to them and whether it's a worry, or just something they feel is part of today's world.

Money: Alien Idea

An animated alien gives a news report about a strange little planet called 'Earth', and its crazy attitude towards a thing called 'money'.

Living Debt

Louisa got into debt during her first term at university and hasn't been out of it since. In this interview she talks about how living in debt affects her day-to-day life.

Paul's Story: How I Became Homeless

Paul tells the story of how he became homeless. He discusses the difference between how he used to see money, and how he sees it now.

Two Sides Of A Budget

Two people, both of whom live on budgets but for different reasons, discuss their attitudes towards money.

Down But Not Out

The story of a young girl's experience of domestic violence and how it went on to affect her life. She talks positively of her new career path and new relationship despite her previous circumstances.

Christmas In A Gutter

TrueTube takes to the streets to ask if Christmas makes people think more about those who live in poverty. The general public answer questions concerning how guilty they feel around the seasonal celebrations for the homeless, those less...

Be Your Own Boss

Adam set up his own business at 17. Now aged 21 he runs a number of successful companies. Here he gives advice to Natalie, who has completed a law degree and has decided to start her own business.


I'm No Role Model

A past winner of "The Apprentice", Tim Campbell, doesn't believe he's a role model... but he certainly has a few Bright Ideas.

Liver Longtime

With alcohol consumption on the rise, liver disease is rocketing. Should we all pay the price for other people's binge drinking?

Poverty And Christianity

TrueTube visited Rev. Stephen Sichel of St. Matthew's Church in Brixton to ask him about the Christian perspective on poverty.

Tiger Fur and Rhino Horn

Illegal trade in animals. Why does it happen? Does it matter? Jessie Coote from Operation Charm explains why consumers should always question what they buy.