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Ethics & Religion Topics

Ethics & Religion Key Stage 2 Films (24 Items)

Holy Cribs: The Gurdwara

Ramanjot, a young Sikh, gives TrueTube a tour of his Gurdwara, the Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Southall. He shows us the prayer hall, the dining hall and even the Guru Granth Sahib’s bedroom!

Holy Cribs: The Vihara

Two young Buddhists called Rushika and Amile welcome TrueTube to their Vihara in West London. We're given the full tour and learn about Buddhist beliefs and worship.

Holy Cribs: The Mosque

Omar welcomes TrueTube to London Central Mosque and we're given the full tour - even up the minaret! Omar talks about the features of a traditional mosque and shows us how Muslims pray.

Muslim Prayer

How do Muslims pray? A young Muslim woman explains how she prepares for worship and demonstrates the movements she performs during prayer.

Holy Cribs: The Church

From the Nave to the High Altar... Nicholas shows TrueTube around Southwark Cathedral. We're given an insight into Christianity and learn about the typical features of a church.

Holy Cribs: The Synagogue

Natasha welcomes TrueTube to the New London Synagogue for a tour of all its main features. Taking us from the door to the Ark to the women's gallery, she talks about her beliefs and what happens during a...

Bat and Bar Mitzvah

When does someone become an adult? Emily recently had her Bat Mitzvah at an Orthodox Synagogue and is now a Daughter of the Commandment and responsible for her own actions. She talks about the ceremony and compares it...

Christian Marriage

Emily's mum recently got married, and it got her thinking: what does marriage mean for Christians? So with the help of her mum, her new step dad and the vicar who performed the ceremony, Emily talks us through...

A Day in the Life of a Christian Vicar

What does a Christian Vicar do all day? TrueTube followed the Reverend Jane around with a camera to find out.

The Birth Of Krishna

The evil King Kans slaughters his sister’s sons when it is foretold that one of them will grow up to destroy him. But he finds that destiny is a hard thing to escape.

Animation by Ceiren Bell

Mary's Lullaby

If you’re the sentimental type, grab a hanky right now. Here’s a dramatic reconstruction of the Nativity to the accompaniment of a specially composed song. Happy Christmas!

Video footage courtesy of BigBook Media.

The song was written by Jessica Toogood...

The Resurrection 2014

In the last of three films telling the Easter story, we see the events of Jesus' burial and resurrection. The voiceover was written and performed by Thomas Hanigan and Daniel Flynn who won TrueTube's Jesus Christ Voiceover Star...