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Knife crime Films (110 Items)

It Could Be

Spoken word tackling the issue of knife crime. The poem is followed by startling statistics about knife crime in the UK, and an appeal to get involved in countering this growing curse.

Lives Not Knives: Eliza's Campaign

Eliza's experience of knife crime in London led her to set up the Lives Not Knives campaign. Here, aged 15 she speaks about why.

On The Road

Stories of life in gangs. Gang members explain how they think gun and knife crime can realistically be tackled.

Ikon Uncut

Performance poet Mosaique’s powerful take on the bleakness of life on violent estates.

Letarnia's View

Letarnia grew up on the estate where now she works as a youth worker. She says that knife crimes are a real aspect of life in London's estates, but that this outshines much of the good work that...

The Problem Of Gangs

Shaun Bailey, youth worker and parliamentary hopeful from London, talks about the problem of gangs, and the reality of dealing with them.

Make A Change

Conservative Youth Ambassador James Cleverly thinks he knows how to fix youth crime. Time for action, time for results?

Knives, Guns & Police

An interview with an officer from the MET Police Armed Response Unit on how he responds to knife and gun crime calls. He shows the similarities between real and fake guns and explains the dangers of carrying either....

Defining Moments

Spoken word capturing the defining moments that turn a young boy, expelled from school, into a hardened criminal, dangerous to society.

Miranda And Olivia On Gangs

Miranda and Olivia tell us their thoughts on gangs at Haileybury Model United Nations

Gangs & Guns

Young people from London hold a forum to discuss the problems of gang culture and the gun crime that is linked to it. They discuss their own experiences, the experiences of their friends, why they think such things...

Stop And Search Me

Seyi Rhodes, a black British man, decides to test the theory that the police are racist in their "stop and search" antics.