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Knife crime Films (54 Items)

On the Road

Stories of life in gangs. Gang members explain how they think gun and knife crime can realistically be tackled.

Lives Not Knives: Eliza's Campaign

Eliza's experience of knife crime in London led her to set up the Lives Not Knives campaign. Here, aged 15 she speaks about why.

Letarnia's View

Letarnia grew up on the estate where now she works as a youth worker. She says that knife crimes are a real aspect of life in London's estates, but that this outshines much of the good work that...

Stop And Search Me

Seyi Rhodes, a black British man, decides to test the theory that the police are racist in their "stop and search" antics.

Knives, Guns & Police

An interview with an officer from the MET Police Armed Response Unit on how he responds to knife and gun crime calls. He shows the similarities between real and fake guns and explains the dangers of carrying either....

Haringey People: Tim

Tim is an ex-Territorial Army soldier who drove a military ambulance during the Iraq War of 2003. He is now an Army Cadet instructor and helps to teach young people discipline and respect. He describes his experiences, and...

Crime & Punishment

From petty crime to rape and murder, what do Brits consider to be the worst of all crimes? And what about a punishment to fit the crime? When can rehabilitation or community service be justified over a ...

Real Risk

A set of short interviews with members of the public asking how at risk they feel from petty crime, how threatened they feel by terrorism, and which voluntary activities they do are most risky.

Law Breakers

Some of the everday activities that are illegal might surprise you. The average person breaks the law once a day. Do you?

A History Of Punishment

A humorous look at the history of punishment. In the middle ages capital punishment was regarded as a form of entertainment. In the 19th century around 220 crimes were punishable by death including theft. How has crime and...

Prevent or Defend

In this film an expert gives straight forward advice regarding how to minimise your chances of becoming a victim of rape.

Prison For Gangsters

An ex-prison warden talks about his experience of gangs, violence and crime within prison walls. Evidence of gang culture and violence is more apparent in juvenile and youth offender institutions, while older inmates are more concerned with the...