Meet the Team

TrueTube is run by a crack team of experts with a wide variety of backgrounds from telly to teaching. We also employ freelancers and some of our more regular collaborators are listed below as part of TrueTube’s extended family.

Caroline Matthews
Chief Executive Officer of CTVC

Caroline is a respected and passionate filmmaker and combines a strong television background with significant experience of senior management.  She has run large, complex teams in the UK and around the world, including Afghanistan and the Arctic and her network experience encompasses the BBC and BBC Current Affairs, ITV1, Channel 4 and Discovery International.

Bob Ayres
Head of TrueTube

Bob joined TrueTube in 2010 having taught RE for 15 years in Kenya, Birmingham and East London. Originally employed as an education writer, he rose through the ranks to seize editorial control of the site, and now wields his power like a mighty sword. He's responsible for TrueTube's creative direction - writing, producing and hopefully always educating our young audience. He also drinks a lot of tea.

Kim Roden
Filmmaker and Production Coordinator

Kim is the brains of the outfit. She graduated from the University of Bristol with first class honours and went straight into film and TV, working with people like David Attenborough (When Bjork Met Attenborough), Nick Cave (20,000 Days on Earth), and David Suchet (David Suchet’s Questions of Faith).

Kim now directs films for TrueTube and somehow manages to be our Production Coordinator at the same time, organising the other filmmakers with a cool, calm (sometimes unnerving) efficiency.

Jonathan Green

Jonathan lives and breathes films. And books. He lives and breathes films and books. And air.

With ten years of experience working behind the camera in a variety of roles, including Location Assistant on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, he also wrote and directed the low-budget feature film Innocent Crimes which played at 15 international film festivals to critical acclaim.

Jonathan now writes, directs and edits films for TrueTube, but we think he could have had a successful career as a stand-up comedian.

Alastair Collinson
Marketing and Outreach

Alastair is a man with a past. He’s been a writer for TV and film; a producer and director of promo-videos and short films; and he spent a year working in Miami at a film finance company where he managed their social media, promoted their projects, helped with marketing and read many, many, many screenplays. In moments of stress he still talks with an American accent.

Alastair is now using his wide experience to publicise TrueTube via social media campaigns, press releases, making new contacts and giving talks at schools, colleges and exhibitions nationwide.

Toby Lloyd
Director of Photography and Editor

What Toby doesn’t know about cameras and lenses isn’t worth knowing. Quite a lot of what he does know isn’t worth knowing either... unless, like him, it’s your job to shoot films.

Toby was Director of Photography and Editor on Postcard from Perranporth - a feature film produced in Cornwall with NEET young people; Camera Operator on BBC Four’s Life and Deaf and BBC One’s The One Show; and Director of Photography on CTVC’s Christmas Nationwide. He has also produced a film for the homelessness charity Caritas Anchor House, presented by ITN’s Julie Etchingham.

For TrueTube, Toby works alongside our directors to help bring their stories to the screen looking as gorgeous as possible.