What We Do

TrueTube is a multi award-winning website for schools that provides short films, lesson plans and assembly scripts for RE, PSHE and Citizenship at Key Stages 3 and 4, with more resources for Key Stages 1 and 2 on the way.

TrueTube was launched in 2007 by CTVC Ltd, originally to encourage young people to make films dealing with the issues they cared about. As the library of films grew, the purpose of the site evolved to include lesson plans and assembly plans to help teachers use our films in the classroom. Today TrueTube hosts hundreds of resources, supporting thousands of students each year.

TrueTube’s team members come from a rich variety of backgrounds, bringing a wide range of skills and experience to the project: teaching, training, youth work, charity work, project management, technical research and TV production.

As TrueTube continues to develop we are identifying areas of the curriculum which most need support, and striving to make films and produce resources that will assist the learning of young people in classrooms across the UK and the world.


We encourage schools, youth groups and anyone else who is interested to upload films and post comments, but everything is moderated by our team before it appears on the site, so you can always be sure that our content is appropriate for school use.

Advisory Content

Films which we consider to be suitable for Key Stage 4 only, or which include more controversial content, are clearly marked so teachers can make informed decisions about what to show in the classroom.

How Are We Funded?

TrueTube is part of CTVC Ltd, an independent British media company that has been making innovative TV and radio for over 30 years. CTVC is best known for its challenging documentaries on religious, moral and social issues which have appeared nationally and internationally on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Discovery and National Geographic.

CTVC is a registered charity and part of the Rank Foundation, an organisation established by Lord and Lady Rank in 1953 to award grants to worthy causes. As well as CTVC, the Rank Foundation concentrates on projects that work with young people to develop leadership and help the disadvantaged; and with people who are frail or lonely because of old age or disability.