Production Services


TrueTube works with a wide range of organisations. We are commissioned to produce short films and we also work in partnership to create content that has an impact.

For each of the examples below we fulfilled the entire production process from scripting and casting to the edit.

If you would like to work with us please email: [email protected]

Recent Commissions: 

BBC Teach:

Pop Culture Bible Stories: 6 animations on a selection of Bible stories; produced with a modern twist. These are embedded on our website.

Black British Stories: A series of 10 short films celebrating the achievements of Black Britons. Tina’s Story is embedded on our website.

BBC Bitesize:

Geography of the UK: The production of 16 short films exploring different geographical locations. Aimed at KS2.

RE: 22 short films exploring different faiths. These were grouped into three areas: practices and belonging; beliefs; morals, ethics and philosophy.

Tech Addiction: A series of short films of young people discussing their addiction and how they overcame it.


Fastn: This charity approached us to produce a short film about commitment and family which is hosted on TrueTube.

Romani Foundation: We were asked to produce 9 short films about addiction, providing vital support to young people. These are hosted on TrueTube with lesson plans.