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Stronger – Hannah was bullied so badly that eventually she had to change schools. Here she talks about her experiences, her thoughts on the bullies, and her recovery. And she has advice for anyone who has been bullied: “You’re not a victim, you’re a survivor”.

Face to Face

Face to Face – Restorative Justice is a process in which someone who has committed a crime meets their victim to help both people come to terms with what has happened.

Cyber Cowards

Cyber Cowards

Harry was cyber bullied by someone who set up a fake profile in his name. An incredibly strong minded young man, Harry considered the act pathetic and pitiful, he told his parents and the issue was dealt with without any more harm being caused. He is in no doubt that cyber-bullying is a cowardly thing done by people who are bored and unfulfilled.

Sticks And Stones

Sticks And Stones

Interviews with the public asking which they think is worse: mental or physical bullying?

The Trouble with Being Gay

The Trouble with Being Gay

A young Pakistani Muslim talks about the consequences of coming out at an early age. Always conscious of his differences, he describes being a victim of bullying at school. Admitting he was gay estranged him from his family and his community. He regrets having come out so soon.

Fighting Together

Fighting Together

A moving drama piece about the different forms that cyberbullying can take, and how lonely it can leave the victim feeling. From Childnet International

Bullies And Beliefs

Bullies And Beliefs – A short film comprising interviews about the link between bullying and religious beliefs; do bullies target people who hold a faith and what do different faiths have to say about bullying?

Who and Why

Who and Why – Interviews with random members of the public reveal why people believe bullying happens, what they consider bullying to be and who they believe is most likely to get bullied.

Taking Back Control

Taking Back Control – Julianna was bullied terribly throughout school but says it became unbearable once the bullies started attacking her online, because it felt as though they had infiltrated her own home. Here she explains how she dealt with the bullying in exactly the right way, collecting evidence and handing it over to the police. She is now free from the girls who tormented her, having received an apology from one.

Banter Or Bullying?

Banter Or Bullying? – Interviews with members of the public reveal various attitudes to cyber-bullying, and differing opinions on whether or not it is worse than face-to-face bullying.