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Refugee – If you were forced to leave your home and could only take one bag, what would you take? In this short drama, we meet a young girl and her family in an unknown land and discover how they came to be there, far away from home.

TrueTube films are designed for use in a number of ways. Some ideas of where this film could link to your curriculum are below:


Component 2 - Religious, philosophical and ethical studies in the modern world: Theme D - Religion, peace and conflict - Religious responses to victims of war: To look at a present day religious organisation that helps victims of war.


Area of Study 2: Religion, Peace and Conflict - Section 4: Peace and Conflict- Attitudes to issues surrounding conflict:


Componet Group 2–Religion, philosophy and ethics in the modern world from a religious perspective - religion, peace and conflict; violence, war, pacifism, terrorism, just war theory, holy war; the role of religion and belief in 21st centuryc onflict and peace making; the concepts of justice, forgiveness and reconciliation


PART B - Theme 2: Issues of Human Rights - Human Rights and Social Justice


Component 1 (Route A) Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies in the Modern World Theme 3 : Issues of Good and Evil


Dad         Jamie. Ash. Ash, Ash, what have you lost?

Mum       I don't know, Jamie. We've just got to keep going.

Mum       Oh my God.

Mum       Ash, careful.

Man        Pick a card. Any card. So what have you got? You know what it is, okay. You remember it. Put on the deck, please. Take a bit more than that. Shuffle that. Cover that, special kind of shuffle.

Man        At this point card could be anywhere. That's out, there. That's not your card. Okay, we can work with this. Think very hard about your card. I'm gonna read your mind. And I think your card is.

Man        You had it hidden all the time, didn't you? It's behind your ear.

Dad         Ashley. Come on.

Mum       Did you manage to get any sleep at all, darling?

Ashley     Yeah.

Mum       Good girl. I found us something to eat. Oh, I'm sorry, darling. That's all there is.

Ashley     Just eat round it.

Dad         Ashley. Come on.

Jamie       I'm tired. Can you carry me?

Ashley     I'm tired. You carry me.

Jamie       I need a wee

Dad         Don't use the water for that.

Mum       It needs to be clean. I'm in a minute, darling. Stay still. I think it's still in there.

Jamie       Mum!

Mum       Ash, can you take him?

Dad         Don't go far.

Jamie       I need to wee.

Mum       Quickly. Please, Mark. Come on, come on.

Dad         Grab your bag.

Mum       What?

Dad         Quickly!

Dad         Come on. Darling.

Mum       What are you doing?

Dad         We can't stay here. Ashley, no! This side. Come on. Come on. Come on. Ashley.

Dad         Got your bag, darling?

Ashley     Yeah.

Dad         Okay. Come on, let's go.

Ashley     Okay.

Dad         Well, things have changed. There isn't a choice.

Mum       This is their home.

Dad         They're stuck in the middle of a war zone. Do you really want to wait until one of the kids is killed?

Mum       We don't have anywhere to.

Dad         I'm going to to get Jamie. Ash.

Ashley     Yeah.

Dad         Come on. Okay. Be back in a minute.

Voice       Please. Come on.

Dad         Here we are.

Mum       Oh. Hi, darling.

Dad         Hey.

Mum       Good timing.

Ashley     Look what Grandpa lent me.

Mum       That was kind of him.

Ashley     Have you been taking photos on the way home from school?

Jamie       Grandpa!

Grandpa  What about-

Mum       Take one of dad, he loves having his photo taken. No!

Grandpa  Don't tell your mother. Our secret? Okay.

Grandpa  Oh, a spy

Ashley     Smile.

Grandpa  What should we say?

Jamie       Banana.

Grandpa  Bananas!


Video length - 11.58
Published date - Jun 2016
Keystage(s) - 3, 4 and 5
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God is in the Boat – The island of Lesvos in Greece, 2016: refugees fleeing war and hardship are arriving in their thousands. In this film, we hear from some of the refugees, and from the volunteers who feel it is their humanitarian duty to help them.

God is in the Boat

Video length - 4.40
Published date - Apr 2016
Keystage(s) - 3, 4 and 5
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Fortress Europe

Are Europe’s immigration laws being pushed too far? Asian Dub Foundation’s Chandrasonic (a.k.a. Steve Savale) shares his opinions on the matter.

Fortress Europe

Video length - 02.41
Published date - May 2009
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4
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