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Now I Can Breathe

Now I Can Breathe – It’s not your fault. You didn’t ask for it. You are not weak. You are strong.

Amina tells the story of how she was sexually harassed over several years by other pupils, and describes the work she is doing now to help teachers put a stop to sexual harassment in their schools.

A film by Adam Tyler

Created in collaboration with the Advocacy Academy

Winner of the Children’s Broadcasting category at the Sandford St Martin Awards 2020.

Winner of the Educational Film Award at the Learning On Screen Awards 2020.

Nominated for the Content for Change Award at the Children’s BAFTAs 2019.

Advice for young people about sexual harassment can be found at the following sites:




…and teachers can find the government’s guidance about sexual harassment in schools here.

Forced Marriage

Forced Marriage – Sameem Ali was forced to marry a man she hardly knew at the age of 13, but eventually escaped her abusive family. She is now an author, a local government councillor and campaigns for better education about the problem of forced marriage. Here she tells her story and makes it clear: “Forced marriage is not part of my culture”.

The Magdalenes

The Magdalenes – Imagine if you were abducted and held prisoner against your will: if your possessions were taken, your hair was cut; you were forced to wear a uniform and answer to a new name. For women like Gabrielle O’Gorman who were sent to the Magdalene Institutions in Ireland, this was a reality. Gabrielle tells her story, and revisits the now-derelict Institution she was sent to as a teenager.

This film, made by Nick Carew, was funded by the University of Kent, and completed with the help of the Women’s Studies Centre at University College Dublin who led an Irish Research Council project on the Magdalene Institutions.


Housework or Office Work?

Housework or Office Work?

Should a woman’s place be at home?

Disappearing Women At Work

Disappearing Women At Work

What are the obstacles in the way of women who want equal pay and equal working rights? The experts discuss how women can get ahead in business.

90 Years Of Feminism

90 Years Of Feminism

It’s been ninety years since women won the fight to vote, but they’re still struggling for real sexual equality. What’s been achieved since then, and what’s left to battle for?

Is Feminism for Everyone?

Is Feminism for Everyone?

TrueTube asks what ‘feminism’ means to women on an estate – if anything at all. Is feminism something that all women can identify with, or do class and social conditions play a part in dividing women?

The New Wave Of Feminism

The New Wave Of Feminism

A discussion with two women of different generations regarding the way feminism has evolved. The women talk about the identity of ‘Third Wave’ Feminism, and how the internet is allowing for mass communication previously isolated ideas.

Stop Whinging

Stop Whinging

Too much time on the soap box, not enough time in the kitchen? How do today’s young women feel about feminism, and does the world have bigger things to worry about?