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Azeen welcomes TrueTube to the East London Mosque and we’re given the full tour. Azeen talks about the features of a traditional mosque and shows us how Muslims pray.

Holy Cribs: The Mosque

Video length - 07.33
Published date - Mar 2023
Keystage(s) - 2, 3 and 4
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Holy Books: The Qur’an – An imam, a student and a calligrapher who works in Arabic share their thoughts about the Qur’an – where it came from, why it’s important and how they use it in their everyday lives.

A film by Kim Roden

Created in collaboration with the Advocacy Academy

Holy Books: The Qur’an

Video length - 10.04
Published date - Apr 2018
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4

A Day in the Life of a Muslim Imam – What is an imam, and what does he do all day? Say, “Salaam alaikum” to Naveed and watch as TrueTube follows him around with a camera.

A Day in the Life of a Muslim Imam

Video length - 08.20
Published date - Dec 2017
Keystage(s) - 3
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Charlie and Blue Ask about Allah and Creation – Zippity-zip, let’s go on a trip! Charlie and her favourite soft toy (and best friend) Blue visit their neighbour Seyed in his garden to find out why Muslims believe they should look after the world.

Charlie and Blue Ask about Allah and Creation

Video length - 7.06
Published date - Sep 2016
Keystage(s) - 1
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Alien Abduction: Islam – Orbiting Earth at this very moment, the alien survey ship “Pantheon” is abducting people to collect data about their belief systems. Ajmal is beamed into the interrogation chamber to answer questions about Islam.

Alien Abduction: Islam

Video length - 5.48
Published date - Jun 2013
Keystage(s) - 3