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Pilgrimage Moments: The Candlelit Procession in Fatima

Length - 03:48
Published - Mar 2024
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4

This clip comes from the BBC series: Pilgrimage – The Road Through Portugal.

The pilgrimage concludes in the city of Fatima, where tens of thousands gather every year on the evening of the 12th October for the famous candlelit procession to celebrate the Miracle of the Sun.

Bobby – the only Catholic in the group – has been given the honour of helping to carry the statue of the Virgin Mary from the Chapel of the Apparitions to the steps of the basilica. It’s an emotional experience for everyone as candles are lit, and departed loved ones are remembered.

Bobby reflects on his experience, and shares that he has decided to actively explore his faith in the future. The Pilgrims celebrate the end of their pilgrimage and their time together.

Watch full episodes on BBC iPlayer.

Pilgrimage Moments: The Candlelit Procession in Fatima

Bobby:    This is what we've been waiting, you know, the last two weeks. I know walking and old berges and meals and and blisters. This moment is all for this.


Vicky:     It is some view, though.


Bobby:    It is, isn't it? It is stunning, isn't it? Yeah. Really stunning. Every year.


Narrator: Over tens of thousands attend the famous candlelit procession to celebrate the miracle of the sun. It starts on the evening of October 12th and will carry on beyond midnight, along with a vigil, prayers and a mass.


Sue:        Hey, this is it, guys. We haven't got long to go.


Bobby:    Okay, I think the time has come. I'm gonna go.


Bobby:    Good luck. Wish me luck.


Rita:        I feel like you're, like, going off to, I don't know, like to graduate or something. Yeah.


Sue:        We'll be proud. We'll give you a great, big, fabulous loveliness. You're gonna smash it mate.


Bobby:    Oh thank you.


Rita:        Go on. Bob. So proud of you. Good luck Bobby. Yeah.


Rita         Enjoy it.


Narrator: Bobby is helping carry the statue of the Virgin Mary and is right at the front. They're taking the statue from the chapel of the apparitions to the steps of the basilica.


Vicky:     I feel like a proud parent and I know everything about that is so ridiculous. But he looks just so excited and so happy. And he's so. He is cute as a bunny in a bow tie, isn't he? So I'm just really thrilled to ribbons for him mate. That's what I am.


Sue:        All the mates that we've lost. Sadly, I feel a bit emotional. I am so.


Vicky:     Look. You looked amazing. You look great.


Bobby:    All this pilgrimage, I've learned that faith is something that can guide me and give me strength. This experience has been both life affirming and life transforming. I finally feel as if I've now taken this step to make faith something that I am choosing to actively explore and almost like metaphorically carrying the statue was almost. That was the moment where I took it on my shoulder and said, yes, I am actively choosing to put on this heavy weight and take one step forward at a time into the future. I've done it. We did it. Well done everybody.


Bobby:    364km.


Nabil:      Oh!


Sue:        Oh. It's tremendous. I can't believe it. It was a nice way to finish off. Yeah.


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