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Pro-life Vs Pro-choice

Length - 03:31
Published - Apr 2008
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4

Pro-life Vs Pro-choice

Jessica Melly, who believes that abortion should be illegal, pitches her perspective against some members of the public, showing that there are two sides to the story and asking viewers to decide how they feel about this issue.

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Component 2- Religious, philosophical and ethical studies in the modern world: Theme B - Religion and life - The origins and value of human life The concepts of sanctity of life and the quality of life. Religious teachings, beliefs and attitudes about abortion, including situations when the mother’s life is at risk.


Area of Study 1 - Section 4: Matters of Life and Death- All religions - Implications of religious teachings about value and sanctity of life for the issue of abortion: the nature of abortion.


Componet Group 2 -Religion,philosophy and ethics in the modern world:Freedom of expression • Freedom of practice • Equality in society • The value of human life •Self-determination - Potential clashes between religious teachings and scientific development in medical ethics, including: • Abortion


PART B -Theme 1: Issues of Life and Death --The origin and value of human life


Component 1 (Route A):Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies in the Modern World: Theme 2: Issues of Life and Death: The origin and value of human life.

Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice

And In the Blue Corner. Life supporter Jessica argues the case against abortion and in the red corner, the word on the street.

I think the problem with the freedom of choice and the right to choose is that it doesn't actually take into account everybody's right to choose, and the father is overlooked completely, and the embryo and foetus itself, that baby doesn't have a right to choose, and it doesn't encourage women to take responsibility for their sexual habits.

Since the woman really she has to go through it all.

Because ultimately it's me that would be carrying the baby and would be left with a baby. So I think that I would always take responsibility myself.

What if the baby would be disabled?

You can't put a measure on somebody's potential. Every aborted foetus has potential, and whether it's disabled or whether it's completely normal, in inverted commas.

True that it's terminating a possible life, but at the same time, it's a life that wouldn't survive without you looking after it anyway.

What if the pregnancy is the result of rape?

Two wrongs don't make a right, and I don't believe that aborting the baby is the best step forward. I think maybe, um, mothers in that circumstance should look at adoption.

The person that's been raped. You know, I totally sympathise with the person who don't want to carry a baby, you know, where that's just caused so much trauma.

Does the bundle of cells count as a baby?

For every single embryo, foetus, cluster of cells has the potential to be a human life, and I don't think it's okay to, um, manipulate that.

It's a potential life, but it's not a life yet, so, I mean, I do agree with stem cell testing.

So what if you have sex for fun and accidentally get pregnant?

I think if you are sexually active, you need to take on the responsibilities that come with it.

Now there have to be other ways, um, for young people to be more careful. I don't know if you go to bed with someone thinking, oh yeah, it's all fine, I'll have an abortion. Um, I think that's a kind of an attitude thing or a culture thing.

What if you can't afford to look after the baby?

I think there are all sorts of ways and means. All sorts of child benefits, all sorts of support networks, um, churches, social centres, governments, all sorts of things like that, councils. There are people willing left, right and centre to support you.

If the mother can't afford to bring up a child. But like because giving a child away, like if you're going to adopt a child, it's going to be hard for the mother as well. You know.

What if the woman's health is at risk?

I think when the mother's health is at risk, it makes it more complicated. But I think there's also an element of letting nature take its course sometimes.

If the woman was at risk for having a baby, like if she was like, I don't know, going to die or something, then obviously it's her life that comes first rather than the baby's because it's not been born yet, so it doesn't have a future as yet, but the woman, she has a future in front of her.

So should abortion be illegal?

I have no doubt that even if abortion was not legal right now, that it would still go ahead. You'd get a lot of bodged abortions, and obviously there are serious health implications for the women that go through all of that.

I think definitely abortion should stay legal. I think that it gave great emancipation to women, being able to make the decision whether to have a child or not, and so I think to make abortion illegal would be taking a backward step.

In my opinion, yes, abortion should be illegal. I think it's taken far too much as a get out clause, um, and it's not the way nature was meant to work.

The fight for reproductive rights is getting messy. What do you think?