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Sena – My Future. My Career. My RE.

Length - 01:18
Published - Oct 2018
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4

Sena – My Future. My Career. My RE. Sena is a law student at Oxford Brookes University, and she’s found that a lot of the skills she learned while studying RE at school have been really valuable: learning to debate, seeing other people’s points of view, even making the case for a point of view that she disagrees with. There was the opportunity to immerse herself in other cultures, gain a deeper understanding of the world and learn how to consider different perspectives.

Studying RE at GCSE and A Level provides you with important life skills, and offers opportunities in further education and a wide variety of careers. Watch the other MY FUTURE. MY CAREER. MY RE. films to hear more real stories about how Religious Studies benefits students and young professionals.