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Shia // Sunni

Length - 9:30
Published - Sep 2016
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4

Shia // Sunni – What are the differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims? When Fatimah (a Shia Muslim) stops to help Abubakr (a Sunni Muslim) recover from his asthma attack, they get talking. Then the argument begins.

TrueTube films are designed for use in a number of ways. Some ideas of where this film could link to your curriculum are below:



Component 1: The study of religions: beliefs, teaching and practices –Key beliefs - Islam - Sunni and Shi’a core beliefs - The six articles of faith in Sunni Islam and five roots of Usul ad-Din in Shi’a Islam, including key similarities and differences.



Section 1: Muslim Beliefs - Islam -The six Beliefs of Islam: their nature, history and purpose including Kitab al-iman 1: 4; how they are understood and expressed in Sunni and Shi’a Muslim
communities today; the importance of these principles for Muslims.



Component Group 1 - Islam - The importance of practices • Islam as a way of life, lived in total submission to Allah • The importance of the Five Pillars of Islam to Sunni Muslims • The meaning of the Five Pillars: •• Shahadah: sincerely reciting the Muslim profession of faith •• Salat: performing ritual prayers in the proper way five times each day •• Zakat/Zakah: paying an alms (or charity) tax to be nefit the poor and the needy •• Sawm: fasting during the month of Ramadan •• Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca • The analogy of the house and pillars • The importance of the Ten Obligatory Acts to Shi’a Muslims • The meaning of the Ten Obligatory Acts: •• Salat Prayer •• Sawm: Fast •• Zakat/Zakah: similar to Sunni Islam, it applies to money •• Khums: an annual taxation of one-fifth of gains in a year •• Hajj: Pilgrimage •• Jihad: Struggle •• Amr-bil-Maroof: commanding what is good •• Nahi Anil: Munkar forbid what is evil •• Tawalla: expressing love towards good •• Tabarra: expressing disassociation from evil



Component 1 (Route A) Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies in the Modern World - Theme 2: Issues of Life and Death - Beliefs about death and the afterlife - Diversity of views between Shi’a and Sunni Muslims regarding worship at graves. Theme 1: Issues of Relationships -Relationships - Diversity of beliefs between Shi’a and Sunni Muslims regarding temporary unannounced marriage Component 3 (Route A) Option 3: Islam -Beliefs and teachings - Angels (Malaikah) ➢ The significance of angels in Islam: Qur’an 2:97-98,Qur’an 2:285 ➢ Diversity in belief between Shi’a and Sunni Muslims regarding angels and free will


Shia // Sunni

Fatimah   You need to sit up straight.

Abubakr  Salaam alaikum.

Fatimah   Alaikum salaam.

Abubakr  Forgot mine. Thanks.

Fatimah   No problem.

Abubakr  Oh, sorry.

Abubakr  Are you on your way to the mosque.

Fatimah   Yeah. We're gonna be late.

Abubakr  Oh, yeah. Oh.

Fatimah   It's okay, just wait.

Abubakr  I don't know you. What's your name?

Fatimah   Fatimah. You?

Abubakr  Abubakr.

Fatimah   Oh.

Abubakr  Wait. Are you Shia? You're Shia, innit? I'll see you later.

Fatimah   What?

Abubakr  I'm only messing with you, man.

Fatimah   What's your problem?

Abubakr  No, no, there's no problem. Hey.

Fatimah   If you've got something to say, then, then say it.

Abubakr  No, I mean, well, it's like you've all got chips on your shoulders.

Fatimah   What?

Fatimah   No, it's a chip on your shoulder, and I haven't.

Abubakr  You have.

Fatimah   I haven't.

Abubakr  So why are you all up in my face then?

Fatimah   You're always making out you're better than us.

Abubakr  Who?

Fatimah   Sunnis. You're always making out that Sunnis are better than Shias.

Abubakr  That's because we are better than you.

Fatimah   We're all Muslim. Just because there's more of you doesn't mean you're more right.

Abubakr  Well..

Fatimah   We do everything you do. We believe the Qur'an is Allah's words, we believe in the same prophets, we eat Halal, we give to charity, we fast during Ramadan, we say the five prayers every day.

Abubakr  Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, that is just so wrong that I can't even begin to explain.

Fatimah   What?

Abubakr  First of all- Man, I don't even know where to begin. First of all, Shias only pray three times a day. That's just wrong.

Fatimah   No we don't.

Abubakr  Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said that we should be praying five times a day.

Fatimah   We say the five prayers, we just pair them up. We do dhuhr and 'asr together in the middle of the day and maghrib and isha in the evening. Sunnis are allowed to do that too.

Abubakr  Yeah, but that's totally different.

Fatimah   How is that totally different?

Abubakr  Because we don't do that all the time. We only do it when we miss one. And you do that thing with a brick.

Fatimah   What brick?

Abubakr  You know, the brick, the brick. The brick that you pray on. When we pray, we put our heads to the floor. You put your heads on a brick.

Fatimah   It's not a brick, it's a-

Abubakr  What?

Fatimah   Okay. Okay. It's a brick. But it's because Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam prayed on the ground and not on a carpet.

Abubakr  Yeah, okay.

Fatimah   Other than that, we pray exactly the same.

Abubakr  No you don't. We cross our arms whilst we pray. You guys just put your hands by your sides.

Fatimah   Right? Apart from that.

Abubakr  You fast wrong in Ramadan.

Fatimah   We fast wrong?

Abubakr  Yeah. Why do you always start a day after us?

Fatimah   Why do you always start a day before us?

Abubakr  The month of Ramadan starts, yeah, when we see the new moon in the sky, so it should be the same for every single Muslim.

Fatimah   Sunnis don't all start on the same day, some of you start when Pakistan says so, some of you start when Saudi Arabia says so. We always start when Iran says so.

Abubakr  Yeah, but what about at sunset? You know, when you're allowed to eat, you lot just take it a little bit further. What are you trying to prove, that you can fast longer than us?

Fatimah   No. We just want to make sure the sun is definitely set. We don't want to cheat.

Abubakr  Cheat? So I'm a cheat now am I? Getting a little bit personal? Are we? Why? Because you're losing the argument.

Fatimah   Oh, you're such a man. Not everything has to be a competition.

Abubakr  Okay, sister, whatever you say, yeah.

Fatimah   Don't sister me. I'm not your sister. And we're not children. I told you my name, so use it.

Abubakr  Okay, sister.

Fatimah   Stop it. Stop picking on me.

Abubakr  I'm not picking on you. It's just a bit of banter. Don't be a martyr about it.

Fatimah   That's not funny.

Abubakr  What? Woah!

Fatimah   I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

Abubakr  Do I look okay?

Fatimah   Come on. Don't just stand there.

Abubakr  Okay, where were we?

Fatimah   What? You need to go get dry.

Abubakr  If I go now, you've won. I can't let you win by pushing me into the pond.

Fatimah   I saved your life. No. Before with the inhaler.

Abubakr  How did you clock me as a Sunni, anyway?

Fatimah   Your name?

Abubakr  Oh, yeah.

Fatimah   You wouldn't be Shia with that name.

Abubakr  Oh, you want to go there, do you? Abubakr, Muhammad's best friend. Right.

Fatimah   Well...

Abubakr  No, no, no, no, no, we're sorting this out. Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam was the last and greatest prophet of Allah, right?

Fatimah   Yeah.

Abubakr  Yes, so when he died, the first Muslims had to decide on a new leader, right?

Fatimah   Yeah. But they-

Abubakr  No, no, no, hear me out. You pushed me into the pond, yeah? Now hear what I got to say, the first Muslims had to decide on a new leader, and they had to choose somebody who was good at it, somebody who was there from the very start with Muhammad. Abubakr, who ended up becoming caliph, the successor.

S1            But that's not what Muhammad wanted. He said that Ali should be the new leader after he died. Ali, what?

Fatimah   But that's not what Muhammad wanted. He said that Ali should be the new leader after he died.

Abubakr  Ali.

Fatimah   What?

Abubakr  You lot are all so obsessed with Ali. Like he's important, yeah, but he's not that important. He's quite important. But he's not the most important. He's important yeah but-

Fatimah   What are you talking about?

Abubakr  You think he was a prophet? That's just wrong.

Fatimah   No we don't.

Abubakr  Yes, you do.

Fatimah   Don't tell me what I believe.

Abubakr  You add his name to the call to prayer. It should be (says call to prayer in Arabic). What do you say?

Fatimah   The same.

Abubakr  And

Fatimah   (speaks in Arabic)

Abubakr  Exactly. That's just wrong.

Fatimah   It's not. Wrong. It's just different. Ali wasn't a prophet, but he was married to Fatimah, Muhammad's daughter. He was a son in law and his cousin, his closest relative. That's why Mohammed chose him to be the new leader. Abubakr took over, while Ali and the rest of the family were still at the funeral.

S1            Wrong. It's just different. Ali wasn't a prophet, but he was married to Fatimah, Muhammad's daughter. He was a son in law and his cousin, his closest relative. That's why Mohammed chose him to be the new leader. Abu Bakr took over, while Ali and the rest of the family were still at the funeral.

Abubakr  You make it sound like it was some sort of conspiracy theory, like it was our plan to cut Ali out, Abubakr was chosen. Yeah, because he was the best man for the job, end of.

Fatimah   Ali should have been the new leader. Mohammed chose him, end of.

Abubakr  No, he didn't.

Fatimah   Yes, he did.

Abubakr  He didn't.

Fatimah   He did.

Abubakr  He didn't!

Fatimah   Did!

Abubakr  But, Ali got to be caliph later anyway. So, what's your problem?

Fatimah   You murdered Hussein.

Abubakr  Oh, I haven't murdered anyone.

Fatimah   Hussein? Ali's son, Muhammad Alaihi Wasallam's grandson. He was murdered at Gobela by Sunnis.

Abubakr  That had nothing to do with us. The guy who killed him wasn't even Muslim. But you guys won't ever let that go. And every year on the day that Hussein died, you do that wailing and that grieving, whipping your own backs, cutting yourselves with razors. That's just crazy, man.

Fatimah   We don't all do that. I don't do that. Does it look like I do that? That's just.

Abubakr  That's what I'm saying.

Fatimah   Yeah. What? I'm not disagreeing with you.

Abubakr  Oh.

Fatimah   Aren't you cold?

Abubakr  No.

Abubakr  My granddad says when he first came to the UK, Sunnis and Shias used to live on the same streets and go to the same mosques. You don't call it a mosque, though, do you? What do you call it again?

Fatimah   Imambara.

Abubakr  Even though you're wrong-

Fatimah   I'm not.

Abubakr  You are. This has been good, right? I haven't had a proper discussion like this, like, ever. Never got this at Koran school. Man, them days were long. Coming home from school, running over to the mosque.

Fatimah   Learning the prayers, learning the Arabic, reading the Qur'an.

Abubakr  Over and over and over again.

Fatimah   I liked it. I thought it was pretty easy.

Abubakr  Yeah, you would, wouldn't you? Uh, okay. Uh, I should go.

Fatimah   Yeah. You're gonna get ill.

Abubakr  Yeah. My mate lives just there so I can get some clothes off him.

Fatimah   Good.

Abubakr  It was nice meeting you.

Fatimah   You too.

Abubakr  Thanks for saving my life. Yeah.

Fatimah   No problem. You have to sit together. Asthma sufferers.

Abubakr  Salaam alaikum.

Fatimah   Alaikum salaam.

Abubakr  I gave you your inhaler, didn't I?

Fatimah   Yeah, yeah. Thank you. I better head off to mosque. I'm gonna be late.

Abubakr  Which way are you going?

Fatimah   That way.

Abubakr  Oh, I'm going that way.

Fatimah   Right then.

Abubakr  Yeah.