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I’d Do It For Peace

I’d Do It For Peace

TrueTube takes to the streets and challenges the public: what would you fight for? How far would you go to achieve peace? Can war ever be justified? Would you break the law for something you believe in?

Weapons Of War

Weapons Of War – Thomas Nash from The Cluster Munition Coalition on the affects of cluster bombs, their damage and how to get involved.

Help the Poor When You’re Poor

Help the Poor When You’re Poor – Tearfund’s Student Coordinator talks about how anyone can make a difference to world poverty: ethical shopping, fairtrade and individual actions are small steps that create big change.

Trident Vs. CND

Trident Vs. CND – On 14.03.07 hundreds of young people met in Parliament Square to protest against the Blair government’s decision to renew the Trident weapons system.

Planet Poor

Planet Poor – Young activist Aled Fisher, for the Green Party, says you don’t have to have green stuff to have a green life: young people can make a difference to the environment even on a budget. Get involved locally and those who are most affected by environmental problems can become the ones empowered to change them.

Shambo The Cow

Shambo The Cow – When Shambo the Cow was given a slaughter notice after being infected with TB, the monks of the Skanda Vale Temple in Wales did all they could to save the life of the temple bull; but are the lives of animals as sacred as those of humans?

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth campaigner Katie explains the basic ways each one of us can save the planet, both for ourselves and for the future generations.

Campaigning For Climate Change

Campaigning For Climate Change – Friends of the Earth campaigner, Katie Elliott talks on how grass-roots lobbying on the part of ordinary people led to parliament passing the recent Climate Change Bill.

Young Greens: The Future to Saving the Planet

Young Greens: The Future to Saving the Planet – Campaigner Aled Fisher, shows how joining the Young Greens can empower us to take direct action to fight for the causes we care about most and make a real difference to the world.