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My Vocation

My Vocation – Tadz (pronounced “Tadge”) is a youthworker in North London. Here he describes what having a vocation means to him, and why he would encourage everyone – whether they are religious or not – to find their “calling”.

A film by Toby Lloyd.

Sport Relief – Raymond’s Story

Sport Relief – Raymond’s Story – In Africa, 1 in 4 children have to work for a living, often in dangerous conditions. Greg James introduces this film about Raymond, a 14 year-old boy who lives in Ghana. Raymond has to work long days in a mine to support his family, but Sport Relief money is providing him with an education to help him escape poverty and achieve his ambitions.

Do something amazing and donate to Sport Relief.

Salmon Youth Centre

Salmon Youth Centre

John, Funmi and Kai speak about their experiences of being young volunteers, and how it feels to inspire other young people around them. Made as part of the TrueTube Fast Film project.

Making Waves

Making Waves

Whilst fundraising for the 2004 Asian tsunami victims, 17 year old Rhiannon Stuart travelled to Sri Lanka on behalf of CAFOD (Catholic Agency For Overseas Development) to see how the money is being spent, and how CAFOD is bringing joy to children’s lives in affected communities.

Cleaner Medina

Cleaner Medina

The Cleaner Medina project is a clean-up initiative run by the Muslim Community in Birmingham. We hear their views and opinions as to why a cleaner community is a healthier community, the lack of attention from the council surrounding the issue and how it ties in with their faith during Ramadan.

Help the Poor When You’re Poor

Help the Poor When You’re Poor – Tearfund’s Student Coordinator talks about how anyone can make a difference to world poverty: ethical shopping, fairtrade and individual actions are small steps that create big change.

National Children’s Home Real Stories

National Children’s Home Real Stories – A film made by the National Children’s Home, presenting the stories of 4 teenagers who have been homeless for various reasons.

The Bird Issue

The Bird Issue – The man behind The Big Issue discusses his time on the streets and why he does not believe in giving to beggars. He explains how he feels the problem of homelessness can be tackled, and how these ideas underline The Big Issue.

Should You Give?

Should You Give? – What do the public feel about beggars? Should we give to them or not?

Danny’s Story

Danny’s Story – Daniel Fagerson came out of university and started working with homeless people. After a number of years he stopped due to the emotional trauma he was experiencing. He shares the lessons he learnt from this work.