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Hearing Hope

Made by filmmakers in training, in conjunction with the BFI, this sensory and sensitive documentary is about a group of people who are hard of hearing. They share the difficulties they’ve faced but also the positive steps that have been made to make them feel more included in modern society.

Quiet in a Loud World

Made by filmmakers in training, in conjunction with the BFI, this powerful piece explores the lives of two people who experience the audio aspects of our world in different, almost opposite ways. One can’t hear at all; the other lives with a condition called misophonia, where everyday sounds become overwhelming.

First Love

First Love – Girl meets boy for their first date. That’s it. Oh, apart from the fact that they both have disabilities. But will it make any difference?

The Ups of Down’s

The Ups of Down’s – Oliver Hellowell is a wildlife photographer with fans all over the world. He also has Down’s Syndrome which means he has an extra chromosome in each of his cells. Chromosomes carry instructions for the way babies develop and grow, and most people have 46 in each cell. People with Down’s Syndrome have 47 – an extra copy of chromosome 21 – which can cause learning disabilities. In this film, Oliver’s mother Wendy describes what it was like to have a child with Down’s Syndrome, and how Oliver – and his photographs – have changed her life for the better.

A film by Kim Roden.

I Am Dyslexic

I Am Dyslexic – A dyslexic pupil falls into a world made entirely out of books. All alone, he faces the mountain of education.

An award-winning animation by Mads Johan Øgaard and Katie Wyman.

Future Humans

Future Humans – Genetic engineering is now a reality. Scientists can make tiny alterations to an embryo’s cells which means that hereditary diseases like cystic fibrosis could one day be eradicated for good. It could also mean that parents might be able to choose what their baby looks like, or improve its intelligence, or make it a better athlete. What effects will this have on the future of our society? Is genetic engineering good or bad for the human race?

A film by Kim Roden.

Narrated by Bonnie Wright.

Look What I Can Do

Look What I Can Do – Don’t let being deaf stop you! This animation, made by young hearing-impaired people, shows the wide variety of jobs and experiences that are open to deaf people.

Courtesy of Biomation.

Asperger’s Brain

Asperger’s Brain – What do you know about Asperger Syndrome? This animation, made by young people with Asperger’s, explains what it is and how it affects a person’s life.

Courtesy of Biomation.

Coping With The World Of Words

Coping With The World Of Words

Dyslexia can affect anyone, no matter how intelligent a person is… but how does dyslexia affect different people? Michelle shares her experiences with having dyslexia and interviews some experts.

Disability Doesn’t Describe Me

Disability Doesn’t Describe Me

In this incredibly inspiring film, Jai, a young homosexual Asian man with cerebral palsy, demonstrates how it is possible to make the most of any life you are given, no matter how many challenges face you.