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Pro-life Vs Pro-choice

Pro-life Vs Pro-choice

Jessica Melly, who believes that abortion should be illegal, pitches her perspective against some members of the public, showing that there are two sides to the story and asking viewers to decide how they feel about this issue.

Planet War

Planet War

A representative of “Friends of the Earth” shares details about the damage that war causes to the environment. Weapons and chemicals used in warfare destroy wildlife and habitats, and could end up affecting the environment’s longterm recovery.

On the Road

On the Road

Stories of life in gangs. Gang members explain how they think gun and knife crime can realistically be tackled.

Abortion And Depression

Abortion And Depression – Pro-choice and pro-life supporters debate their opinions on the link between abortion and depression.

Letarnia’s View

Letarnia’s View – Letarnia grew up on the estate where now she works as a youth worker. She says that knife crimes are a real aspect of life in London’s estates, but that this outshines much of the good work that young people on these estates are also doing to better themselves, and their communities.