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Understanding Addiction: Gambling

Understanding Addiction: Gambling – Danny grew up with a positive culture of gambling, but a lot has changed since he was younger, and gambling can now be accessed far more easily – not just due to an increase in high-street bookmakers, but also because of the enormous surge in online options. What started as a bit of fun in his late teens spiralled into an addiction that put him in £50,000 of debt and led to suicidal thoughts. At the root of his dependency was the need to escape the trauma of losing his mum to cancer. Now he is debt-free thanks to the help of a community he fostered, an app that can block him making payments on gambling sites, and advice from charities. Watch him share his story now.

If you are affected by any of the content on screen or would like to know more, gambling addiction has been recognised since 2013 as an affliction equal to drug and alcohol dependency – there are a number of NHS linked clinics and UK wide charities that can help people struggling with it.






Me, Myselfie and I

Me, Myselfie and I – John is falling behind at school, ignoring his mates and neglecting his girlfriend – all because he’s become obsessed with maintaining his online persona. He spends so much time on his phone, he eventually becomes trapped inside it. Literally.

A re-telling of the Greek myth of Narcissus for the social media age.

A film by Alastair Collinson.

Alastair was invited on to The Victoria Derbyshire Show to be part of a panel discussing social media’s impact on young people as a result of the film. Clips were featured on the show and on BBC World News.

Being Victor Ep9

Eva and Vinnie try to work out how to cheer up Lesley, they also talk to Doyle about his lifestyle and discover a final warning from the college about the state of his work.

Being Victor Ep2

A video of Vinnie tied to the lamppost naked has been posted online and Vinnie’s determined Danny should pay. Things begin to look up for Vinnie when he finds out Danny has a secret.



An animated game looking at some of the conspiracy theories that circulate on the internet, and revealing a few you might think are false theories, but are partly based in fact…

Cyber Cowards

Cyber Cowards

Harry was cyber bullied by someone who set up a fake profile in his name. An incredibly strong minded young man, Harry considered the act pathetic and pitiful, he told his parents and the issue was dealt with without any more harm being caused. He is in no doubt that cyber-bullying is a cowardly thing done by people who are bored and unfulfilled.

Robot Love

Robot Love

Dr David Levy thinks that human-robot relationships and even marriage are part of our future. But what do young people think? Vox pops on whether we can see ourselves dating robots.

Off The Grid

Off The Grid

Is it possible to live out of the government’s clutch? One man, explains how his way of life allows him to escape the ‘nanny state’.

300 Times a Day

How often, on an average day, are our personal actions placed under the surveillance spotlight of the officials put in place to protect us?

Freedom Vs Security

Freedom Vs Security

Do we require security systems to watch us in order to keep us safe? How far should we let the state go in its mission to protect us?