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Darcus Howe On Black History

Darcus Howe On Black History – Writer and broadcaster Darcus talks about who defines black history.

Black History Excludes Us

Black History Excludes Us – Members of a Somali youth group air their views on black history and Somali identity alongside Rageh Omar.

The Importance Of Black History Month

The Importance Of Black History Month – Rageh Omar discusses Black History Month and how he feels that it has lost its importance in modern Britain because it hasn’t moved with the times. He shares his views and opinions, and discusses how the month could be developed to cover a wider range of race issues.

Dr Hakim on Black History Month: Part One

Dr Hakim on Black History Month: Part One – Dr Hakim discusses the significance of Black History, and explains how the need to dedicate a month to this subject serves to demonstrate how forgotten it is during the rest of the year.

A Month Of Black History

A Month Of Black History – Members of the public give their opinions on the idea of having a month dedicated to Black history.

Never Ever Now

Never Ever Now – Diversity, integration and community battle it out as young people in London voice their views on whether immigrants can ever truly become British.

Are You British?

Are You British? – Young people in London tell us where they and their families are from.

Colombia Road

Colombia Road – Colombian Julie talks about her experience of coming to live in the UK on her own at only 18 during the Colombian depression. It was winter when she arrived, cold and depressing. She paid £100 a week for a tiny flat, which came with its very own rats… She finally received her citizenship after 6 years of living in the UK.

Dear Ana

Dear Ana – This dramatisation tells the story of a Polish immigrant struggling to make ends meet in London. She writes a positive letter to her sister back home, but living and working alone in the capital is easier said than done…