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An Untold Story

An Untold Story – Robyn is a young filmmaker from a small town in Scotland. She is used to telling other people’s stories, but has never put her own on camera. So in this film, she describes how she came to realise that she was gay, the initial shame she felt (and was made to feel) before proudly accepting herself for who she is.

The Perfect Body

The Perfect Body – Sam’s life is turned upside down when he falls for the new girl at school. Convinced that she’ll never notice him unless he has the perfect body, he hires a personal trainer. A short comedy drama about love, muscles and a lot of eating.

Mine’s Better Than Yours

Mine’s Better Than Yours

Three young men compare their experiences of education at a mixed state school, a public school and a boarding school – what do their schools have to offer and what would an ideal school be like?

Favourite Teachers

Favourite Teachers

Vox pops on what makes a good teacher. The film asks whether young people agree with recent news articles on needing more male and black teachers to act as role models.

School Punishments

School Punishments

Vox pops from all over the world on experiences with punishment at school, from writing lines to being hit with a cane. How has the education system changed in recent years? Is corporal punishment a valid method of control?

Success Or Happiness?

Success Or Happiness?

How much impact does our job have on our well being and happiness? Justin, a school leaver, asks if we often sacrifice happiness for success not because of what we want, but due to a fear of judgement by others.

The Power Of Music

The Power Of Music – How much impact does music have on our lives? Singer Adelaide talks about the effects of negative lyrics.

Islam And Rap

Islam And Rap – We follow Islamic rappers Mecca2Medina and hear their views on Islam, hip-hop and the effect of music on young people.