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Haringey People: Tim

Haringey People: Tim is an ex-Territorial Army soldier who drove a military ambulance during the Iraq War of 2003. He is now an Army Cadet instructor and helps to teach young people discipline and respect. He describes his experiences, and talks about his concerns for the young people in his community.

This film was made by young offenders taking part in a film training course run by VividEcho and funded by The Big Lottery: Awards for All and Haringey Council.

Being Victor Ep14

Rachel organizes a surprise birthday party for Vinnie which even Lesley leaves her room to attend. Things seem to be looking up until Danny crashes the party.

Lives Not Knives: Eliza’s Campaign

Lives Not Knives: Eliza’s Campaign

Eliza’s experience of knife crime in London led her to set up the Lives Not Knives campaign. Here, aged 15 she speaks about why.

Prison For Gangsters

Prison For Gangsters

An ex-prison warden talks about his experience of gangs, violence and crime within prison walls. Evidence of gang culture and violence is more apparent in juvenile and youth offender institutions, while older inmates are more concerned with the money and the power money brings.

Safety on the Streets

Safety on the Streets

TrueTube investigates the nature of violent sexual crimes on UK streets, dispelling myths about rape and finding out what we need to do to make sure sexual inequality doesn’t get in the way of our fight against sexual assault.

Friends, Murder And Faith

Friends, Murder And Faith – When Ethan, who grew up on a council estate in Peckham, heard about the murder of his friend by South London gangs, faith helped him to turn his life around. He became the godfather of his friend’s child, and felt that God had spoken directly to him.

National Children’s Home Real Stories

National Children’s Home Real Stories – A film made by the National Children’s Home, presenting the stories of 4 teenagers who have been homeless for various reasons.

Letarnia’s View

Letarnia’s View – Letarnia grew up on the estate where now she works as a youth worker. She says that knife crimes are a real aspect of life in London’s estates, but that this outshines much of the good work that young people on these estates are also doing to better themselves, and their communities.