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This clip comes from the BBC series: Pilgrimage – The Road to Rome.

Over an evening meal, Stephen tells his fellow Pilgrims that – as a gay man – he doesn’t feel accepted by any religion. Dana talks about the problems that many Roman Catholics have, being caught between compassion for their gay friends, and the Church’s definition of marriage which is only between a man and woman. Mehreen talks about her belief that it is wrong to judge others, and Brendan stresses the importance of respect and discussion, and his belief that it isn’t the religions that cause problems, it’s the people within them!

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Pilgrimage Moments: Discussing Homosexuality and Acceptance

Narrator: At the end of a long day, and in keeping with good pilgrim tradition, it's time to break bread together.


Les:         Should do the Italian way where we just chuck all the sauce into the pasta.


Lesley:    Yes.


Stephen:  Can I just ask a question, guys? Oh, guys, I thought this was a great opportunity tonight with such a diverse group to have a talk about religion. Great idea and I want to see if I can be enlightened.


Lesley:    Wowser.


Lesley:    Friends. My family.


Stephen:  One of my main problems seems to be this word intolerance. I don't think for me there is any organized religion or faith that embraces me.


Katy:       Do you mean as a gay man?


Stephen:  Absolutely.


Brendan: If I'm gay in the churches sense Catholic church, that is fundamentally wrong. Now, I know so many gay people. My brother is gay. If that is the case, if that is the Catholic Church belief, then surely my brother is screwed. Stephen is screwed because of one belief of of of the faith. How do you feel about that?


Dana:      I, I also have many friends who are gay that I love very much. Compassionate because I think the gay community suffered greatly. Even among the gay community, there are different ideas, there are different thoughts. I have friends who are gay, who are married because they want to be married. I have friends who are gay who feel that the term marriage or the sacrament of marriage shouldn't be shifted from where it has been between a man and a woman. It's also very difficult if, say, a Catholic, if you believe that a gay person should be given every respect and every protection under the law, but that marriage should be as it has always been, between a man and a woman. And yet, if you say that you're suddenly identified as being homophobic, which is not right either, and even within our church, it's a very contentious issue at this time.


Stephen:  The way you said that so eloquently, if that was the message given out by the church, then people would understand. But if people's kneejerk responses, a marriage between a man and a woman end of, then you're going to upset a lot of people.


Dana:      Yeah. And that's why it's so hard for me to speak on behalf of a church which is already in tumult, you know, trying to sort this question out.


Mehreen: You've been talking about homosexuality, and I don't have enough of an in-depth knowledge about it to make any certain statements. I can't say all Muslims are going to say, yeah, it's cool to be gay at all. I know that I've got friends who are Muslim and gay, and I know that they will probably explain a lot better than me of the reasons why they don't think the two are mutually exclusive. What I can say is that for someone to tell you, you're going to hell. That is a bigger sin than homosexuality. That is the biggest sin. Right.


Stephen:  And that is why this has been a wonderful experience thus far. Because whatever faith or religion you have or you practice, if you don't allow me to ask questions. Yes. And be inquisitive about it. Yeah. And then you reasonably respond to me with something as opposed to rejecting me. We ain't going to get on. Yeah.


Brendan: Uh, I hate to get all lovey dovey and everything, but we're a group of really different faiths and backgrounds. Yet we've all been able to to spend a week in each other's company and have incredible conversations, complete respect for the most part of our different faiths and things. And if you said to me at the start of this week, uh, there's going to be I feel like there's a joke, a muslim, a Jew and a and I've actually learned a lot. And what I've recognized is that it's not the religion that's that's the problem. It's the people within it that create the problems. Because actually the whole party, how can we all get on so, so well with our different backgrounds? Because we're hopefully, for the most part, really genuinely decent people. It's not the religions that define us, it's the people within the religions that create the problems.


Pilgrimage Moments: Discussing Homosexuality and Acceptance

Video length - 04.47
Published date - Mar 2024
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4
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My Body, My Rules – Maria is a little girl who likes singing, dancing and playing outdoors. She is perfect the way she is, so please don’t harm her body. This short film describes what Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is, and why it is wrong.

My Body, My Rules

Video length - 02.20
Published date - Sep 2016
Keystage(s) - 2 and 3

Needlecraft – Maria is a little girl who likes singing, dancing and playing outdoors. She is perfect the way she is, so why cut her? This short film describes what Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is, and why it is wrong.


Video length - 02.48
Published date - Sep 2016
Keystage(s) - 4 and 5
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Refugee – If you were forced to leave your home and could only take one bag, what would you take? In this short drama, we meet a young girl and her family in an unknown land and discover how they came to be there, far away from home.

TrueTube films are designed for use in a number of ways. Some ideas of where this film could link to your curriculum are below:


Component 2 - Religious, philosophical and ethical studies in the modern world: Theme D - Religion, peace and conflict - Religious responses to victims of war: To look at a present day religious organisation that helps victims of war.


Area of Study 2: Religion, Peace and Conflict - Section 4: Peace and Conflict- Attitudes to issues surrounding conflict:


Componet Group 2–Religion, philosophy and ethics in the modern world from a religious perspective - religion, peace and conflict; violence, war, pacifism, terrorism, just war theory, holy war; the role of religion and belief in 21st centuryc onflict and peace making; the concepts of justice, forgiveness and reconciliation


PART B - Theme 2: Issues of Human Rights - Human Rights and Social Justice


Component 1 (Route A) Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies in the Modern World Theme 3 : Issues of Good and Evil


Dad         Jamie. Ash. Ash, Ash, what have you lost?

Mum       I don't know, Jamie. We've just got to keep going.

Mum       Oh my God.

Mum       Ash, careful.

Man        Pick a card. Any card. So what have you got? You know what it is, okay. You remember it. Put on the deck, please. Take a bit more than that. Shuffle that. Cover that, special kind of shuffle.

Man        At this point card could be anywhere. That's out, there. That's not your card. Okay, we can work with this. Think very hard about your card. I'm gonna read your mind. And I think your card is.

Man        You had it hidden all the time, didn't you? It's behind your ear.

Dad         Ashley. Come on.

Mum       Did you manage to get any sleep at all, darling?

Ashley     Yeah.

Mum       Good girl. I found us something to eat. Oh, I'm sorry, darling. That's all there is.

Ashley     Just eat round it.

Dad         Ashley. Come on.

Jamie       I'm tired. Can you carry me?

Ashley     I'm tired. You carry me.

Jamie       I need a wee

Dad         Don't use the water for that.

Mum       It needs to be clean. I'm in a minute, darling. Stay still. I think it's still in there.

Jamie       Mum!

Mum       Ash, can you take him?

Dad         Don't go far.

Jamie       I need to wee.

Mum       Quickly. Please, Mark. Come on, come on.

Dad         Grab your bag.

Mum       What?

Dad         Quickly!

Dad         Come on. Darling.

Mum       What are you doing?

Dad         We can't stay here. Ashley, no! This side. Come on. Come on. Come on. Ashley.

Dad         Got your bag, darling?

Ashley     Yeah.

Dad         Okay. Come on, let's go.

Ashley     Okay.

Dad         Well, things have changed. There isn't a choice.

Mum       This is their home.

Dad         They're stuck in the middle of a war zone. Do you really want to wait until one of the kids is killed?

Mum       We don't have anywhere to.

Dad         I'm going to to get Jamie. Ash.

Ashley     Yeah.

Dad         Come on. Okay. Be back in a minute.

Voice       Please. Come on.

Dad         Here we are.

Mum       Oh. Hi, darling.

Dad         Hey.

Mum       Good timing.

Ashley     Look what Grandpa lent me.

Mum       That was kind of him.

Ashley     Have you been taking photos on the way home from school?

Jamie       Grandpa!

Grandpa  What about-

Mum       Take one of dad, he loves having his photo taken. No!

Grandpa  Don't tell your mother. Our secret? Okay.

Grandpa  Oh, a spy

Ashley     Smile.

Grandpa  What should we say?

Jamie       Banana.

Grandpa  Bananas!


Video length - 11.58
Published date - Jun 2016
Keystage(s) - 3, 4 and 5
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God is in the Boat – The island of Lesvos in Greece, 2016: refugees fleeing war and hardship are arriving in their thousands. In this film, we hear from some of the refugees, and from the volunteers who feel it is their humanitarian duty to help them.

God is in the Boat

Video length - 4.40
Published date - Apr 2016
Keystage(s) - 3, 4 and 5
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Out of Love – In ‘Out of Love’ Kezi and Jess talk honestly about the struggles they faced coming to terms with being both Christian and gay, when it seems to them that the Church has blown the issue of sexuality out of all proportion.

Out of Love

Video length - 04.15
Published date - Jan 2016
Keystage(s) - 4

For the Sake of the Child – How would you feel if a visitor came into assembly and announced that children from your school have been chosen to start a new life abroad? Confused? Excited? Scared?

For the Sake of the Child

Video length - 8.04
Published date - Oct 2015
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4
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The Magdalenes – Imagine if you were abducted and held prisoner against your will: if your possessions were taken, your hair was cut; you were forced to wear a uniform and answer to a new name. For women like Gabrielle O’Gorman who were sent to the Magdalene Institutions in Ireland, this was a reality. Gabrielle tells her story, and revisits the now-derelict Institution she was sent to as a teenager.

This film, made by Nick Carew, was funded by the University of Kent, and completed with the help of the Women’s Studies Centre at University College Dublin who led an Irish Research Council project on the Magdalene Institutions.


The Magdalenes

Video length - 10.14
Published date - Sep 2013
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4
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Juliet’s Story – From child soldier to global campaigner. This is Juliet’s story.

Film courtesy of  War Child.

Juliet’s Story

Video length - 4.41
Published date - May 2013
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4

Education For All – Education is a right for all, not a privilege for a few. In October 2012, Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by the Taliban for publicly stating her belief that girls, as well as boys, are entitled to an education. Malala survived and received treatment in the UK for her injuries. This film was produced while she was still recovering in hospital to highlight the campaign for Global Education.

© The Office of the UN Special Envoy for Global Education

Education For All

Video length - 4.22
Published date - Nov 2012
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4
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