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Humanism is a non-religious belief system. Humanists are people who shape their own lives in the here and now, because they believe it’s the only life we have. They make sense of the world through logic, reason, and evidence, and always seek to treat those around them with warmth, understanding, and respect.

And just like with other belief systems, they have important ceremonies too. Watch Ivy experience her naming ceremony, with the key features explained, while her parents discuss the Humanist principles they want to instill in her.

A film by Alastair Collinson.

Humanists UK

A Humanist Naming Ceremony

Video length - 08.12
Published date - Jun 2022
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4

Muslim Birth Ceremonies – Omaima has a new baby cousin called Jenna and is looking forward to babysitting duties. Before Jenna was born, Omaima went to visit parents-to-be Hawra and Mustafa to talk about their plans for the birth and the various traditions that Muslim families follow when a baby is born.

Muslim Birth Ceremonies

Video length - 06.30
Published date - Sep 2015
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4

The Sikh Naming Ceremony: Naam Karan – Do you know what your name means, or how your parents chose it? Sikh names usually have special meanings, and they are chosen with the help of the Guru Granth Sahib – the Sikh holy book. Ajmeet goes to a gurdwara to find out exactly what happens at a Naam Karan – the Sikh naming ceremony.

The Sikh Naming Ceremony: Naam Karan

Video length - 06.32
Published date - Jan 2014
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4

Christian Marriage – Emily’s mum recently got married, and it got her thinking: what does marriage mean for Christians? So with the help of her mum, her new step dad and the vicar who performed the ceremony, Emily talks us through the wedding video.

Christian Marriage

Video length - 6.23
Published date - Dec 2013
Keystage(s) - 2 and 3

Christian Baptism – Some Christians will baptise babies, but others believe that a person should only be baptised when they are old enough to choose for themselves. Anna visits an Anglican Church and a Baptist Church to find out what happens at the different kinds of baptism and why.

Christian Baptism

Video length - 7.54
Published date - Dec 2013
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4

Christian Funeral – How do you want to be remembered? Since Romario’s grandmother died, he has been thinking about what happens at a Christian funeral, and the mark he wants to make on the world during his lifetime.

Christian Funeral

Video length - 7.33
Published date - Dec 2013
Keystage(s) - 3 and 4

Bat and Bar Mitzvah – When does someone become an adult? Emily recently had her Bat Mitzvah at an Orthodox Synagogue and is now a Daughter of the Commandment and responsible for her own actions. She talks about the ceremony and compares it to her friend Ben’s Bar Mitzvah.

Bat and Bar Mitzvah

Video length - 5.23
Published date - Dec 2013
Keystage(s) - 2 and 3
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It’s a Miracle! – Peter – fisherman, apostle, “The Rock” – shares his memories of Jesus. He talks about their friendship and describes the different kinds of miracle he saw Jesus perform. Animation by Ceiren Bell

This film was a finalist in the “Short Form Video” category of the Jerusalem Awards 2013.

It’s a Miracle!

Video length - 04.17
Published date - Apr 2013
Keystage(s) - 2, 3 and 4
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Life is a Journey

How many new beginnings have you been through? Here is an animated introduction to ‘Rites of Passage’, thinking about life as a journey and the things that happen along the way.

Life is a Journey

Video length - 01.17
Published date - Jul 2012
Keystage(s) - 3
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The Formation of the Khalsa

What would you die for? A report from the Punjab in India where the Sikh leader, Guru Gobind Singh, is asking people to stand up for their faith with an unusual question: “Who will give their head to my sword?” Animation by Ceiren Bell

The Formation of the Khalsa

Video length - 04.09
Published date - Jan 2012
Keystage(s) - 2 and 3
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